When placing any order with the seller, the buyer accepts these GCS without qualification and in their entirety// Minimum order of 300,00€ ex VAT

Delivery periods:

The delivery dates specified on the pro-forma orders shall be purely indicative.

The buyer shall not be entitled to use any late delivery as a justification for canceling the sale, rejecting the goods or claiming any compensation.

Transport charges:

Free delivery: France >800€ ex VAT – UE>1000€ ex VAT –

For a lower amount: real carrier costs.


All carried goods fall under the carrier’s responsibility. Should there be a problem, write notes about the visible defects on the pallets ( torn film, deformed pallet, damaged corners…) on the receipt and keep « Les Bagatelles Parfumées » informed by sending or faxing a mail or by calling within 48 hours after the delivery. The terms « subject to unpacking » on the transport form shall be of no legal value.

Method of payment:

The buyer shall be required to pay with a credit card, credit letter, check or by making a transfer to our bank account to: Les Bagatelles Parfumées. For the first delivery, the paiement of the invoice shall be made before the moment of despatch.


The seller will have no liability whatsoever resulting from the non-execution or from any delay in the execution of one of the obligations mentioned in the present General Conditions of Sale. In this respect, any events of force majeure or of any exterior and unpredictable cause shall be governed by the law 1148 of the Civil code.

Retention of title:

The seller reserves title to the goods until payment in full of the price by the buyer. The seller reserves the right to require the delivered goods as well as the prices if those goods have been sold (as defined in law/ May 12,1980).

Penal clause:

In the event the buyer does not fulfil the responsibility he depends on, he will be directly liable for a penalty equivalent to 20% of the owned amounts ex VAT.


Non-payment of any invoice at a fixed date shall be augmented with late payment penalties counted each month. Besides, a fixed compensation of 40€ for collection charges will be applied in case of delay payment.